Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Halloween!

From the 3 little piggies...

We had a party for our family on Friday night - Dan's parents were in town visiting from North Carolina. Here are the haunted treats I made - witches fingers, eyeballs and bloody punch with worms and ants! :)

And here is a picture of me, Dan and Dan's parents - the cowboys and the cats!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Little Panda from China Says...

We found out today that our dossier was mailed to China (DTC) on Wednesday, October 11! We should receive our log-in date (aka LID and final green flag) within a few weeks. The paperchase is finally, truly and sweetly over! :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Up, Up and Away!

Just when you think you know your husband inside out - BAM! - he throws in a MAJOR surprise. My birthday was on Thursday and Dan gave me a sweet card and a some Ghiradelli chocolates. Not bad, but he has conditioned me to expect BIG and ROMANTIC gifts, hee hee! :) He told me he had a surprise planned for Sunday morning and to be ready to leave the house at 5:30 a.m.!

I groaned and complained the whole time. My comments and complaints included:
1) What surprise requires sleep deprivation?
2) Sunday is my only full day of rest - I need to lay in bed.
3) Our dogs can't be left alone too long - they have attachment issues (more like I do, but it's all the same, right?).
4) Is this surprise for me or you?
Blah, blah, blah...

So, begrudgingly, I woke up at 4:30 a.m., took a bubble bath (anytime is the right time for a bubble bath), threw on some sweats and got in his car. I grabbed 4 CDs because I had no idea what was going on. Imagine my surprise when we pulled into the parking lot of a Safeway 5 miles from our house and saw a van with "Unicorn Balloon Company" painted on the side pull into the parking lot too! My surprise was a hot air balloon ride!!!

This is HUGE because I have asked Dan many times to do this with me, but he has a fear of heights. My darling overcame his fear just to make me have an unforgettable birthday! Here are our pictures from this AMAZING adventure.

We are definitely going to be repeat customers - this was the most peaceful and enjoyable experience we have ever had! I am now left with the fun challenge of figuring out how to surprise him for his birthday on November 10...

I had a rough week, but Dan's loving and thoughtful surprise reminded me that relationships and experiences with loved ones are all that really matter in life! We will definitely take our daughter on a balloon ride when she turns 6 (the youngest age allowed!).

P.S. Thank you to everyone for your support this past week - I envision BIG parties with all of our daughters running around like the little princesses they are! :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What if this was all?

I received a speeding ticket in the mail today and had to chuckle because plain as day, along with the citation there was a picture of me in my car jamming to some tunes. Guess what? I figured out I was going to the AZ Secretary of State to have our documents certified when this happened. Chalk this up to yet another adoption expense! ;)

It was another challenging day all around, and I decided to unwind and relax by the pool to watch the sunset. I got myself a glass of Pinot Noir, snuggled with my dogs (Dan was at work), and found myself wondering - what if this was all? What if something beyond our control happened and we weren't able to adopt this child? Would our life as we know it be enough?

As sad and heartbreaking as that thought may be, I know that we must be prepared to face this possibility. The wait times are so long now, China is allegedly preparing to change their international adoption policies, more and more cases of lead poisoning are being reported in China, etc., etc. - so many factors that may prevent us from realizing this dream.

But I cannot let go of the hope and love Dan and I have for this child. I have never wanted something to happen so much in my entire life. I have amazingly vivid dreams of my future family, and I see how amazing a father Dan will be... I just really, really want this to happen.

Thoughts and prayers, prayers and thoughts - please send our way. May we have the strength to believe and accept that God's will will be done.