Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Alfie Scare :(

This is so difficult to write but I want to make sure everyone is sending loving thoughts and prayers for our little Alfie. On Friday night all five of us were lying in bed when I felt Alfie moving a bit. I sat up thinking he was licking himself and was stunned to see he was having a tremor. I turned on the lights and told Dan what I saw. Dan sat up in bed, screamed "Oh my God, get dressed" and tore off his pajamas. I told him to call the Emergency Clinic while I got dressed. Alfie maintained eye contact with me while his head shook uncontrollably. He looked like a Parkinson's patient.

We were so scared and emotional. Within about a minute the tremor stopped and the ER Clinic told us to watch him and head to our vet first thing in the morning, there was nothing they could do if the tremor passed. He made it through the night with no problem and Dan took him in first thing on Saturday. Our vet does not know what is wrong, but believes Alfie had a seizure! They are doing tests to see if he has Valley Fever. Our vet said some dogs have one seizure and never have another one. If it does happen again and he does not have Valley Fever, then we will take him to a neurologist. So far, he is his normal self and nothing unusual has happened, thank God.

Dan and I are both SO concerned. Poor Dan was bawling his eyes out - I was too! Alfie turns 2 on Sunday, he is a little kid and this is just so wrong and so sad. We are just treasuring every day and trying to make his life the best it can be each day.

I will tell you the whole time Dan was with Alfie at the vet, Brody was bawling his eyes out! He and Alfie are BFF! A very strange thing happened before the seizure too. Dan said "Katie just rubbed noses with Alfie, that's so cute!". In retrospect, we believe Katie sensed Alfie was about to have a seizure and reached out to him. We will simply not be a complete family without him.

Katie turns 2 on February 23 and we usually have a joint birthday party for her and Alfie, but we are going to make Alfie "King for a Day" on his birthday! Pictures to follow...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I CANNOT Contain Myself!

My wonderful agency has helped me connect with other waiting families that have a LID close to ours. I have joined two Yahoo Groups and have really loved the support from these virtual communities. We share ideas, discuss the China program, swap squishes for our quilts and have Secret Pal programs. I LOVE the Secret Pal Program - it is very fun to give and of course receive! ;)

Look at my first gifts from my Secret Pal in my Oct/Nov LID group (our group name is Tea Monkeys). An adorable hand made card and a STUNNING Chinese New Year Doll. I just love them and can't stop smiling! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Alfie Update

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who sent well wishes to our little Alfie. We just heard from the vet and he is just fine! Yeah! He has a disease called SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) and it is treated with antibiotics when needed. I am so relieved and happy! I didn't think he was seriously ill because the kid is so full of life and love, but it sure is nice to be sure. :) Here is the handsome devil, he's really, really, ridiculously GOOD LOOKING...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Wow - we have real snow in North Scottsdale! Look at these pictures from our backyard! :) Thank goodness we have a very big covered patio, our pooches will not get their precious paws frozen to do their business!

Alfie would not brave the cold to get his favorite stuffed alligator toy!

This bush looks good with snow on it! In springtime it has purple flowers.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cute Story

Dan was sick with the stomach flu on Monday night and I caught it last night. :( I had the chills, fever, stomach cramps and vomiting spells. My little pooches all reacted differently to my sickness... Alfie took off to get me help and find Dan, Katie stayed snuggled in bed and watched the action, and darling Brody had sympathy gags. I swear he did! Each time I threw up he was beside me hacking too, although his was not productive. Even though I felt AWFUL, he made me laugh out loud. Does everyone understand why I love them so much???

Friday, January 12, 2007

Show and Tell

Hi everyone out there, I can't believe it has been three weeks since my last post! We have been CRAZY busy. Many of you know we are flipping a house for fun and (hopefully) profit. We have spent every free moment there doing what we can. Here are some action shots of me taking down a wall, opening the space and "improving the flow" (wannabe architect/interior designer speak). :)

I tell you, we need to make a profit after the recent vet bills we have faced. Brody had his 2nd birthday (party pictures to follow whenever we finish the last shots on the disposable camera - we need a GOOD DIGITAL CAMERA!!) and he went in for his 2 year old wellness check up. Turns out his teeth were not looking good, so we paid for him to get a professional cleaning - v. expensive! Meanwhile, Alfie has been throwing up off and on and we thought he was looking like he lost weight. So, off he went for some top of the line tests to be sent to Texas A&M for evaluation. It may just be pancreatitis - I just don't want him to have a preventable illness that will shorten his life. Needless to say, cha-ching, cha-ching! I know, I know, look into pet insurance, right? When I did before it was not very good and I know we are paying for quality care from this nationally recognized practice here in North Scottsdale (only the best for my poochies!). :)

I love these kids! Here is a picture from Christmas - Katie enjoying one of her new presents and Brody looking on (he and Alfie each got a similar present, but your sibling's gifts are ALWAYS better!). PRICELESS - that is what they are...