Friday, February 23, 2007

Katie is 2!

Today is little Katie's 2nd birthday! Our youngest and only little princess is growing so fast. I am a bad Mommy and didn't get her and Alfie their customary cake. In fact, it was a tough day in doggy world, they all had to get a booster for Kennel Cough because they are going to camp next weekend while we are in San Diego. I am going to throw them a belated birthday party wrapped into an Eater celebration, that way my family will come and they will rake in the gifts and attention! :) Here's a picture of our gorgeous baby, she likes to say "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!". Hee, hee!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hubby is Good, He's Real Good!

Well, well, well, I have to give Dan major accolades for the Valentine's Day present he gave me. I was surprised with a massage at the Golden Door Spa at the Boulders! I went yesterday and started with a sit in the the sauna, followed by a refreshing brisk shower and then on to my massage. After the massage I went in to the sauna, cooled off and drove home (10 minute drive) on Cloud 9!

Before I got married I was a frequent guest at spas, my favorite was Chateau Elan in the Atlanta, GA area. Despite living in a location that is full of great spas, I just have not taken advantage. Until now that is - one of my girlfriends told me that in the summertime you can take advantage of great specials! I am thinking I will be a regular at the Golden Door. ;)

By the way, my gift to him is a long weekend in San Diego. We are staying at the Marriott Marina with a view of the bay. It should be fantastic - I cannot wait!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another Secret Pal!

I am so-o-o-o lucky! I have two Secret Pals, one from each of my Yahoo groups that represent other families from our agency that have similar LIDs (log in dates with China). Take a look at what my Secret Pal from the Winter Blossoms group sent - I love it! :)

Two books to add to our blossoming library, a darling plush Chinese doll and a ladybug plush toy. It is FUN being spoiled! :)

Treasures for the Nursery

Well, I am THRILLED that our local FCC Chinese New Year event is over! I was the chairperson for the Merchandise Store and it really took a lot of my time - it was fun and worthwhile though, we had a good day! One HUGE advantage to running the store was being the buyer for goods we sold and getting first dibs on the merchandise!

I bought these 3 gorgeous parasols and plan to hang them from the nursery ceiling! We have 20 foot high ceilings so I know we need something dramatic for our little princess! I also saw this adorable Pink Hippo at AJ's and had to have it - such a sweet addition to what is shaping into a really great nursery (in my mind's eye at least!).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mommy to the Rescue!

I arrived home Tuesday evening from a business trip and the Chi-Chis were all wound up. They had been in their indoor/outdoor pen for several hours and wanted to run. So I let them out back and had one eye on them since there are coyotes, snakes, hawks, owls, bobcats, etc. in our area and we have about an acre of land for them to frolick. After 10 minutes or so Katie and Alfie were ready to come in, so I let them in while Brody lingered. He eventually came in too. We all lay down but they grew restless again 10 or so minutes later, so I let them out yet again. Same thing, Katie and Alfie were ready to come in soon after while Brody lingered. So I let them in and called for Brody.

He started running towards me then stopped short at the pool and started fussing with his tail. For those of you don't know me I have a tendency to be an alarmist when it comes to my pooches, so I immediately stepped outside to see what he was doing. My heart dropped as I saw a huge cactus bud clinging to his tail! I told him to stay there while I ran in to get my shoes and told myself to stay calm. I ran out back with Katie and Alfie on my heels and gingerly picked up Brody. I put him on the garden tub surround while I found some scissors and carefully navigated the cactus while I cut it out of his tail. He was so still and grateful to be rid of it! Here's a picture of the cactus with his tail hair all over!

I got poked once in the finger during the procedure, but mostly we were both just fine. Thank goodness Brody's hair was on the long side (he is due for a cut and going in tomorrow) and the cactus didn't get his skin! The groomer needs to even out the cut, it is a bit rough, but Brody is and always will be the cutest Bichon in the universe!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Alfie is 2!!!

Our sweetie turned 2 today! He has not had another seizure and his test results for Valley Fever were negative. I took him (with Brody and Katie) for a long walk this morning and we chatted with our neighbor for awhile. He was THRILLED with the extra attention.

Unfortunately, we are so swamped right now preparing for Chinese New Year, working on the flip house, and trying not to let our primary residence go to hell in a hand basket, that I wasn't able to get him a cake. HOWEVER, he had several biscuits from Three Dog Bakery and smashed banana in is dinner. He also had several belly rubs and lots of kisses. He will make it to at least 20, I just know it! :)

His cake will be shared (again!) with Katie when she turns 2 on February 23!