Sunday, May 27, 2007

Super Fun Vacation!

I went to Colorado Springs, CO to visit my sister Monica and her family. My niece and God daughter Amber graduated from 8th grade, her older sister Brianna made her Confirmation and her younger sister Jessica celebrated her 12th birthday! It was a very full and fun visit! Pictures to follow whenever my sister sends them to me...

Other fun things I did on vacation:
  • Amber and I had Glamour Shots done (we did this when she was 3 so it will be fun to compare photos 11 years later!)

  • Monica and I hiked at Garden of the Gods - very beautiful and breathtaking scenery!

  • Amber, Brianna and I rode bikes to the local Starbucks (difficult hilly ride on a Jan Brady bike = I walked the bike part of the way!)

  • I took my nieces shopping for quilt squares for our babies quilts and helped them make wish cards. Even my 16 year old nephew Patrick took great pride in making sweet wish cards (see 100 GWQ blogs)

  • I met my first Secret Pal (I was her Pal) Ashley! We met for shopping and lunch and had an absolute ball! She is a gem and will definitely be a lifelong friend! She spoiled me by giving me these gifts: a GORGEOUS Chinese doll that plays music, very girly ladybug bow (I love it!) and the first pair of socks for my baby. THANK YOU ASHLEY!

Here are the treasures from our shopping excursion:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick Brody Update

The little monster is healing very nicely - THANK YOU to everyone who sent good wishes our way! His bandage was changed on Monday by our vet, so now he is sporting a purple sock as he heals. He will go back tomorrow for another bandage change. He is starting to use all 4 paws and continues to terrorize his brother Alfie, sister Katie, me and Dan - but we love it! He likes to bark at the top of his lungs to command everyone's attention (as if he didn't have it already!). Here he is showing little bro Alfie who is boss - notice Alfie's expression "Please get over yourself!". Hee, hee!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Brody's Hurt!

OK, he is going to be fine but he is hurt! I returned home Thursday around 5 p.m. from a business trip and greeted all three babies as usual. After about 5 minutes I noticed Brody significantly limp so I immediately investigated. His right rear paw was all black like it had been dipped in tar. I tried to touch it and he screamed in pain! I tried to clean it gently with a washcloth and he screamed again. But I was confused because he would vacillate between running around and playing as usual on all four paws, and limping.

I didn't know what to do so I waited until Dan came home around 10:30 p.m. from work and asked him right away if he knew what was going on. Turns out on Tuesday afternoon Dan saw Brody come inside the house limping and whining with a bloody paw! Dan called the vet but couldn't get an appointment that he could make with his work schedule. So, he tried to keep Brody comfortable and saw the same behavior I did, sometimes normal sometimes limping.

I soaked Brody's paw in Peroxide last evening and took him to the vet this afternoon. We will never know what happened since we didn't see it, but it appears he somehow got his nails in his rear paws stuck somewhere outside and tore a few almost completely out of the right rear paw!

My little darling was such a trooper at the vet. He had to be put under briefly so the paw could be cleaned and the nails trimmed to the base. His little paw is all bandaged up and he is on pain killers as needed and antibiotics for several days. Here is the little lamb resting comfortably at home as the drugs wore off:

Please send good wishes and prayers his way so he recovers quickly. I am off to visit my sister in Colorado until Wednesday so I told Dan he is to treat Brody like a KING and snuggle him as much as possible while I am away. My baby needs his Mama so I feel guilty. :(

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Wardrobe Grows...

Well, I have had A LOT of fun recently adding to our daughter's wardrobe. Last weekend I joined fellow waiting mom Donna and her girlfriend Linda Marie for a shopping trip to the Calbazon outlets in Calbazon, CA. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday and Dan dropped me off at the meeting spot an hour later. We made two stops en route to Calbazon and arrived at around 10:30 a.m. I found lots of treasures and believe the day was well worth the time. We arrived back in AZ around 10 p.m. very tired but satisfied customers. :)

Last week I forgot to pack undies for my business trip to TX (it happens more than it should!). So, off I went to Macy's and what do you know? They had a tremendous sale so I picked up even more treasures! :) I also received a flyer for Babies-R-Us and their tremendous sale, so I picked up even more stuff yesterday! Seriously, some outfits on clearance were an additional 30% off and cost $3 or $4! Very cute stuff too!

I am a little crazy but now am stopping on the clothes shopping (at least for sizes 12 - 18 months) ! ;) What do you think of these treasures???

Friday, May 11, 2007


Wow! One year ago on May 5 we received official approval from our agency to adopt a baby from China. I am just amazed at how quickly time has passed. Although we have only been logged in with China for six months and have at least 18 months to go, I still feel satisfied and hopeful that our time will come. I am going to take some time this Sunday to reflect on the kind of Mother I hope to be, and all the blessed days I will have in the near future being a parent. :)