Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank You Dee Kelley!!!

I was truly SURPRISED to learn my Secret Pal #3 was Dee Kelley! We returned last evening from spending Christmas with our son in Guatemala and I was exhausted... but not too exhausted to open my final SP#3 package! ;) Dee sent thoughtful and lovely presents for my whole family:

  • Delicious chocolates for me and Dan
  • Delicious bones for the pooches - Brody, Alfie and Katie
  • Rattles and books for our angel daughter from China and our angel son Dominic from Guatemala
  • Adorable Dora the Explorer doll dressed for an adventure in China
  • Fun scrapbook stuff for the pooches photo album
  • As always, a gorgeous custom card

Thank you Dee for being such an amazing and supportive Secret Pal! I seriously had no idea who you were and am THRILLED I learned more about you. I look forward to continuing our blossoming friendship! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Lite

Wow, I am so far behind in spending time with friends and family. I was only home 7 days in November! I can't believe how fast time is going by... it helps with the wait but also makes keeping in touch very difficult.

This year since we will be in Guatemala, we have not decorated our house at all. My parents are hosting an early Christmas party next Saturday for us, so that's nice and we look forward to spending time with family and partaking in some family traditions. Then one short week later we are OFF to Guatemala. To say I am excited, well, that's a HUGE understatement.

For all our friends and families, we sincerely wish you a peaceful and blessed holiday season, and promise to keep in better touch next year! For all of you who are also waiting families like we are, let's celebrate our decision to wait it out, and become parents to the angels we were meant to have in our families.

Secret Pal Goodies!!! :)

My darling SP#3 sent the loveliest package to me! She makes these very nice and thoughtful custom cards, they are so wonderful. Our daughter received her first mealtime gifts - Hello Kitty bowl and cup, and matching bib - so precious! For our home, beautiful Linen scented potpourri and candle - so refreshing! For me, many spa products including foot scrub, body scrub and manicure kit - ahhhhh, perfect for this time of year! Last but not least, dark chocolate covered lemon treats - I am anxious to try this decadent treat! :)

Thank you SP#3, for you kindness, support and thoughtfulness during this exchange. I appreciate your presence in my life and interest in our Guatemala adoption.