Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day & Anniversary Wrapped Into One Magical Evening

Dan and I have so-o-o-o-o-o much going on in our lives right now and times are just not easy for us. We are working very hard to keep everything together during these stressful and uncertain times. With this in mind, Dan planned a very special evening for us last night.

SInce we will be apart on our 4 year wedding anniversary on March 20 (Dan will be in Guatemala) and I flew in very late on Valentine's Day, we agreed to celebrate both occasions last evening. There is a very nice restauarnt near us that I have been wanting to try, it is called Mosaic and since Dan wouldn't tell me where we were going, I convinced myself that was our destination.

Well, when we drove past Mosaic I was kind of upset (in my bratty, controlling and spolied way, haha!) and confused. Imagine my surprise when he turned into the Four Seasons at Troon North ( There are so many resorts and fine restaurants in our neighborhood, I completely forgot about the Four Seasons!

We started our amazing evening in the Onyx bar and lounge. I had an incredibly delicious Grape Crush cocktail and Dan had an agave margarita. My drink had grape juice, vodka and plump purple grapes as garnish - delish! After drinks we went for dinner at Talavera.

We had the best view in the restaurant overlooking the mountains, desert and city lights in the distance. The food and wine was unbelievable and we lingered for hours just talking, laughing and dreaming about our future with our children. I seriously think it was the best meal I ever had. We agreed we need to make sure we continue to have special nights out alone for the rest of our lives. I will remember our special night for a long time!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Cricket and Some Cilantro...

That's what our petite 7 pound Havanese princess threw up last night. I was kind of... well... SHOCKED! Katie is a delicate little thing and generally doesn't eat anything but dog food and Mom approved treats. Dan has a million dollar (that's what it costs, not what it produces!) herb and vegetable garden that he has enclosed with chicken wire, fence and a gate, but I guess she found her way in and decided to sample the cilantro.

In a strange way it makes sense. The Havanese breed originated in Havana, Cuba so that means like me, Katie and Alfie are Latino. Salsa is a Latino food and has cilantro, so she tried a food natural to her culture. I don't know what to make of the cricket...